Friday, April 9, 2010

have a great weekend my dear friend

have a great weekend my dear friend

it was another nice friday with warm weather,
i sat for a while after i finish my pray,
i then walk to the bookshelf to look at any book that i can read,
i walk,

i saw a man standing next to the bookshelf talking on his handphone,
i am sorry i overheard his conversation,
i wanted to avoid but he stood there, not moving,
soft voice whispering,
talking to his kids,
talk soft and very slow,

i overheard his conversation again:
"papa will be there as soon as papa finish working ya",
"papa will buy some food for us and we can eat together",
"papa will take a day off tomorrow and we can do gardening together ya",
"yes, we can have dinner together of course"
"happy birthday to you my dear, I love you"

i walk back to the place i sat,
i stood static and say nothing,
i saw him from far and he is still on the phone,
i heard nothing but just look at him talking,
i have nothing to say but i wish him all the best in my silent pray,
i wish him all the good things with all the bless from God,
i wish him to have all the time he need,
and not forgotten to wish him:
'have a great weekend to you my dear friend'.


p.s: have a great weekend to you too my friend

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[M] [A] [Y] [A] said...

you are so lucky to have best friends..
send my regards to him/her..=)